Village Officials

Trustees and Officers

  • Trustees
    • Ronald Rabidou, Presiding Officer
    • Andrew Buchsbaum, Road Commissioner
    • Charles Edson, Police Commissioner
    • James Warren, Tree Commissioner
    • Susan Wright, Parks and Sidewalks Commissioner
  • Clerk - Steven Anisman
  • Treasurer/Tax Collector - Kathy Wagenknecht
  • Auditor - Dale Cobb
  • Moderator - Pat Winburn
  • Administrative Officer - Open

Planning Commission

  • Bob Bullington, Presiding Officer
  • Suzanne Buchsbaum
  • Nancy Coseo
  • Galen Jones
  • Mary Pat Mazzola

Zoning Board

  • David Silver, Presiding Officer
  • Priscilla Bradshaw
  • Polly van der Linde
  • Anthony Mazzola
  • Erica Gallen

Who To Contact with questions or concerns


If you have questions or concerns about village roads, please contact Road Commissioner Andy Buchsbaum. 

Parks, Sidewalks, and Streetlights

If you have questions or concerns about village  sidewalks, greens, or streetlights, please contact Parks and Sidewalks Commissioner Susan Wright.


If  you have questions or concerns about trees, please contact  Tree Commissioner Jim Warren. 

Public Safety

If you have questions or concerns about public safety, please contact Police Commissioner Charles Edson. 


If you have questions concern real estate taxes, please contact the Tax Collector and Treasurer Kathy Wagenknecht.


If you have questions concerning permits in connection with village zoning regulations, please contact Bob Bullington.

Contact information

Old Bennington Contacts (02/03/2020) (pdf)