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Several residents of the Village of Old Bennington have expressed an interest in honoring former Village Clerk Donna Berry for her many years of service to the community.  The Trustees have suggested that we place a bench on the central island of the Village Green in recognition of Donna's dedication to the village. Parks and Sidewalks Commissioner Susan Wright has led the effort in selecting a historically appropriate bench as well as arranging for its installation. The stone bench will be placed on a marble base. We will also install a bronze marker next to the bench acknowledging Donna's service. We estimate the total cost of the bench, marker, marble base, and installation will be $1,700.  We hope to raise the funds by June 15 so we can begin the installation process in late June. You can make contributions here:

The Trustees  have postponed the Annual Meeting until such time as the governor or secretary of state deem it safe to resume holding large public gatherings. At that time, we will hold the meeting as soon as practicable given reporting and notification requirements for annual meetings and elections. In the interim, we will continue to incur and pay routine expenses as well as any additional expenses required to maintain the safety of the village. As specified by state law, all existing officials may continue to serve until their successors are elected at the Annual Meeting. 

The Trustees will meet remotely on Tuesday, June 2  at 7:00 pm. Instructions on how to access the meeting are included in the agenda. 

The Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment will also meet in June to consider a 2nd zoning application from Anne Slattery, 1 Monument Ave. The Planning Commission will meet remotely on June 8 at 7:00 pm, and the Zoning Board of Adjustment will meet remotely on June 9 at 7:00 pm.  Please click on the Planning/Zoning Boards tab and select Public Notice, 2nd 1 Monument Ave. Project for details.

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Government in Bennington. The Village of Old Bennington represents the original center of Bennington. Samuel Robinson and a band of religious separatists from Connecticut and Massachusetts founded it in 1761. During the past 256 years the focus of industrial, commercial and residential development has shifted to the valley below and Old Bennington has become a small, incorporated Village within the Town of Bennington. Its character has become a historical single family residential community.  


Old Bennington is situated on a height of land approximately one-half mile west of the center of the Town of Bennington, which lies in the Walloomsac River valley below. Looming over the Village to the southwest is Mount Anthony. A ridge called Monument Hill elevates the northern third of the Village, but along the eastern edge of the Village the land falls sharply away in a steep slope toward the river below. The remainder of the Village is fairly level. Many large, well-spaced houses are surrounded with lawns and gardens. We still enjoy the luxury of some open land with beautiful vistas.